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If you are serious about improving your close rates and increasing your sales, these courses are for you.

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Voice Mail Strategy


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Sales Training International is a leading online sales and customer service training provider. 
Our sales courses can be taken entirely online through your internet browser.  You can learn how to sell at home, at work, or on the road.

Your 12 month membership to Learn Selling Online provides you unlimited access to all of our sales training courses.  That's over 20 courses for $250.00.  You will have your own unique user name and password and you can return to our site as often as you wish during your subscription period.

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We have one of the most comprehensive lists of sales training courses on the web and in the classroom.
Check out our complete sales course listing below:


Functional Product, Service Company Knowledge

Learn how to use your product, service and company knowledge as a part of the selling process.  If you know your company and your product well, you can use that knowledge to increase sales.

Competitor Analysis
ASTD Certified Course

Learn how to understand the objections to expect when you are compared to a specific competitor. When you understand the objections, you can develop prevention, pre-emption and response strategies.


Profile and Qualify Learn how to quickly qualify sales prospects and identify key buyer influences.
Decision Makers Learn about the types of decision-makers that affect your sales process and learn how to integrate them into your sales approach.
Research the Prospect Learn about research methods you can use to understand your sales prospect and competitor before the sales process begins.
Telephone Cold Calling
"Objection Free"
The telephone cold call strategies in this module will help you prevent initial contact objections such as, "not interested," "just send me your literature," "already have someone." It will also, show you how to transition "screeners" into "coaches" and efficiently set "priority appointments" for future phone or in-person meetings.
Voice Mail Strategy
Learn to create and deliver your 30 second high impact commercial when you have the prospects undivided attention.
Learn to conduct a telephone cold call "blitz" that will rapidly fill your sales funnel with qualified prospects.
Learn to improve your networking skills and gain access to both decision makers and referrals.  This is one of the best ways to improve your sales performance.
How to Ask for Referrals
Master the art of asking for referrals.  Referrals take 30% fewer contacts to close, are 60 - 80% more likely to buy, will buy on average 23% more and are 4 times more likely to give additional referrals.  No doubt, increasing your referral rate will improve your sales.
Passive Letter Contact Leveraging Strategy Learn how passive letters can be used to reach difficult-to-reach decision-makers and generate inbound leads.
Interest Mailer Contact Leveraging Strategy
Learn how the "Interest Mailer" can gain access to inaccessible decision makers, build relationships indirectly based on demonstrating interest and caring, and generate inbound leads from interested prospects.
Funnel Management
Learn to be more effective in generating your prospect lists and learn productive methods to make contact with leads.


Interpersonal Communications
Certified Course
The purpose of of this program is to understand that each of us has a Personality Driven Interaction Style. A style is a set of personality preferences that, when combined, form a our method of interaction with others. By identifying the styles of others, we can learn strategies for better communication.
Establish Trust and Rapport Quickly and Easily
Certified Course
Learn methods to present a clear means of establishing trust and rapport with customers.
Active Listening Skills
Certified Course
Learn techniques that will allow you to provide feedback to the speaker in your business conversations.
ACE Value Assessment Model ACE is a favorite of sellers who sell new or difficult to understand products/services where the prospect must be educated before they can make a decision but where making claims of performance might cause significant challenges, as in medical, pharmaceutical, and engineered product sales.
Closing Strategies
Certified Course
Learn effective sales closing strategies.
Ratio Management
Learn to know the frequency and success rates required to generate sales, what you have to do each week to meet your production goals, and how to make accurate sales forecasts.
Value Proposition
The Value Proposition is the culmination of your sales efforts. Learn how to take all of the data that has been gathered during the various stages of the sales interview and assemble it in a highly compelling, summary format that leaves the prospect with little to do other than say yes.
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