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You already have technical expertise, you have clients, and you have employees.  However, you feel that you still need a little help.  We can help you grow your business.

We have found that growth requires the establishment of solid organizational and operational systems.  Our job is to help you find and develop systems that are best suited for you and the culture of your firm.

Organizational Management
- Developing corporate philosophies.
- Developing effective organizational structures.
- Re-organizations.
- Preparing policy manuals.
- Strategies for implementing new ideas.

- Developing marketing programs.
- Training your in-house staff.

Human Resources Management
- Developing effective staff retention strategies.
- Developing an effective recruiting program.
- Reviewing benefits and retirement plans.

Risk Management
- Developing risk management strategies and protocols.
- Insurance reviews.
- Crisis management.

Partner & Ownership Management
- Transition management.
- Buy-sell agreements.
- Mergers and acquisitions.

Financial Management
- Preparing budgets.
- Developing purchase order systems.
- Developing asset tracking systems.
- Developing scheduling systems.

Production Management
- Developing scheduling systems.
- Quality control systems.
- Goal setting.

Information Systems Management
- Networking and file management.
- Website development.
- CAD management.