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Target Marketing: Ice Cream Sundaes & Tuna Fishing  Here's a marketing tip that will provide you a quick education on the concept of target marketing?  In general, target marketing requires you to 1) identify your core service or product, 2) identify the key users of that service or product, and 3) develop a target marketing program directed specifically to your targeted user.
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Email Etiquette: Has Email Turned us Into Chickens?  No doubt, email is an important business tool. It is efficient and effective. However, people have begun to use email in inappropriate ways: it is used to introduce sensitive emotional issues, it is used as a stealth weapon to attack the unsuspecting, and it is used as the “easy way out” of a tough conversation. Wow, I don’t think that Ray Tomlinson, the inventor of the first email program in 1971, ever thought that email would turn us into a bunch of chickens.
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Online Sales & Customer Service Training CoursesThese courses can be taken entirely online through your internet browser. You can learn at home, at work, or on the road.

Learn Customer Service Training Online.  These courses provide guidance for managers and individuals interested in providing good customer service. Improving customer service will positively impact the bottom line of your company. 

Learn Sales Training OnlineIf you are serious about improving your close rates and increasing your sales, these courses are for you.